Meth Found in Water Filter

Posted March 6th, 2012

Parking Attendant in Jakarta Brings Water Treatment Industry to Its Knees

by Hardly Waite,  Pure Water Gazette

According to an article in the Jakarta Globe, a parking attendant in Jakarta was arrested for receiving a kilogram of crystal methamphetamine from a source in the United Arab Emirates that was delivered via a courier service.

The bad news for the water treatment industry is that the meth was delivered in a water filter. The powder was disguised as filtration medium but was confirmed to be methamphetamine by a lab test.

Given that the level of insanity attained by the War on Drugs is even scarier than that of the War on Terror, water filter shipments will likely be subject to search and seizure. It took only a single nitwit with a bomb in his shoe to force the whole world to remove its shoes at airports.