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This unique web site, rich in information and bulging with good and ill humor, is the offspring of a decade of varied and popular paper issues of the Pure Water Gazette. Read it now and bookmark it for frequent returns. New information appears daily. The Pure Water Gazette is your best source of current water news.

We review and link to the key news events in the changing world of water and water treatment. 

The site also archives some of the content of the old paper Pure Water Gazette, which had a broader content scope.

Here you’ll find razor-sharp commentary, spicy cartoons, breathtaking contests, awe-inspiring revelations. The caustic, not to say downright ugly writings of our veteran columnist Tiger Tom, the never-failing numerical wizardry of  Bee Sharper, the technical savvy of Pure Water Annie, and the hard-boiled logic of Gazette Senior Editor Hardly Waite.

Plus everything about water, the mirror of the universe, and much, much more.

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