Pure Water Gazette Numerical Wizard Bee B. Sharper Ferrets Out the Watery Facts that Harper’s Overlooks

Facts You Would Have Learned Had You Read October 2012’s Top Water Stories Articles in the Pure Water Gazette

Settlement awarded to a Colorado family because of a plumbing cross connection on a water softener — $1,000,000.

Approximate water saving achieved by Pure Water Products’ new clean city water backwashing filter — 50%.

Year Cheshire, CT’s water treatment plant was built –1971.

Estimated annual cost of 8 glasses per day of bottled water — $1,500.

Actual cost of a Pure Water Products Model 77 countertop filter–$77.

GPM flow needed by a family of 3 living in a 2 bathroom home (according to Pure Water Annie)–7 gpm.

Pure Water Products’ price of a Watts 8 gpm stainless steel ultraviolet purifier–$395.

Year in which Rock Hill, SC’s clay sewer pipes were installed — 1920.

Number of items to be monitored under the EPA’s latest CCL– 20 plus.

Amount of additional powdered activated carbon that will be needed in response to the EPA’s new flu gas emissions rule — 500 to 800 million tons.

Average daily water use by a US golf course–10,000 gallons.

Total annual water usage by all US golf courses — 50 billion gallons.

Percentage of caffeine reduction needed for coffee to be classified as decaf — 97% plus.

Hours of direct sunlight needed to purify water using the Sodis method–6.

Year in which the Clean Water Act was made law–1972.

Estimated cleanup cost of the EPA superfund site at East Fishkill, NY — $2.7 million.

Number of glasses of water a human should drink each day according to the baseless but endlessly repeated slogan — 8.

Number of Watersense-labelled products that are now on the market in the US — 5000.

Average per capita bottled water consumption of Mexicans — 61.8 gallons.

Length often attained by oarfish living in the deep ocean waters — 30 feet plus.

Amount of money you could save in a year by boiling your morning tea water in an electric kettle rather than a microwave — $4.

Percentage of steroids that can be removed from water by a reverse osmosis unit — 90% plus.

Number of companies that are awarded each year in the Artemis Top 50 competition– 50.

The expected shrinkage in overall size by fish living in tropical water because of global warming–20%.

Placement of the ReWa Blackwater Bruisers in this year’s world series of wastewater –#1.

Total water violations charged to PA mobile home park manager Frank Perano — 5000.

Percentage of the South Platte River downstream from Denver that is made up of wastewater — 85%.

Reprinted from the October 2012 issue of the Pure Water Occasional.

Bea B. Sharper is a regular contributor to the Pure Water Occasional.  More B. Bee Sharper on this site.