The Purity of Tap Water Cannot Be Taken for Granted

In late April of 2013 a former suburban Chicago water official was convicted of lying about secretly mixing carcinogen-tainted well water into an Illinois town’s drinking water supply.

According to an article in the Insurance Journal, the 55-year-old long-time water department supervisor admitted to mixing tainted well water in with the more expensive Lake Michigan water in an effort to gain political advantage by keeping the town’s water bills low. The tainted water was added to the town’s water supply  from 1982 until the deception was uncovered in 2008.  Town citizens, therefore, drank dangerously polluted water for a quarter of a century without knowing it,  The cancer rate in the town was higher than normal and law suits blaming the water for a variety of illness, including brain cancer, are in progress.

It is unlikely that some evil water commissioner in your town is plotting to buy votes by selling you cheap polluted water, but it

Camp Lejeune served its soldiers and their families highly contaminated water over a period of 24 years. See story.

is true that public water systems are not perfect.  Water systems can put out low quality water because of untrained or uncaring staff, because of the incursion of tainted water from natural causes, because of equipment failures, because of failing infrastructure . . . because of reasons too numerous to recount.

Public water supplies are wonderful, and we support them strongly.  But accidents happen.

And even under the best of conditions, no matter how well your city’s water supply system prepares your drinking water,  the water has to travel through miles of often unsafe piping to reach you.

It only makes sense to assure yourself safe water with a point-of-use drinking water system.  It the water is good, a good drinking water unit will make it better.  If it is unsafe, it will provide protection.

Read the entire story of the Illinois pollution incident in the Insurance Journal.