When You Use Water You Use Energy, And Vice Versa

  Water Conservation Results in Energy Conservation, and Vice Versa

Energy depends on water.  Water is an essential ingredient in both the creation and delivery of energy.

Half of our water use every day is for cooling power plants. In addition, the oil and gas industries use tens of millions of gallons a day, injecting water into aging oil fields to improve production, and to free natural gas in shale formations through hydraulic fracturing.

In times of water shortage, power blackouts can occur simply because there is not enough water available to produce energy.  And the consequential  shortage of power can add to the shortage of water.

For years people have longed to make a car that runs on water.  All cars run on water.  Tremendous amounts of water are required to produce and process gasoline, to produce metals and plastics for car parts, and even to build the roads that cars are driven on.

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