While Preaching Austerity, Congress Treated Itself  to $860,000 Worth of Expensive Bottled Water

According to Corporate Accountability International, the House of Representatives spends at least $860,000 on bottled water a year. That’s almost $2,000 for each representative.

While representatives were demanding cuts on everything from public libraries to Social Security, they were spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on drinking water, which costs only about a penny per gallon from the tap.  The report states that with the money the House spends in a single year on bottled water,

it could purchase more than 4,000 drinking fountains, ‘bottle-less’ coolers and water filtration units on Capitol Hill – more than enough for each Congressional office and a one-time investment in water infrastructure that would show Americans that Congress is serious about saving money and supporting public water.

The study also found that 70 percent of the bottled water of questionable purity was purchased from industry leader Nestlé.

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