Mercury Is A Deadly Toxin that Poisons Humans Mainly Through the Eating of Fish

Mercury is a neurotoxin that harms the lungs, the kidneys, the immune system, the heart and the brain.  The young and the unborn  are most at risk and severe developmental problems can result from mercury poisoning.

In the Great Lakes region, there are more than 144 coal-fired power plants which pumped over 13,000 pounds of mercury into the air in 2010. Mercury pollution from these plants region accounts for close to 25 percent of the nation’s total.

Eating poisoned fish is the primary cause of mercury poisoning of humans.

According to a new report from the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), over half of the Great Lakes region’s noxious mercury pollution can be attributed to the 25 worst coal-fired power plants in the Great Lakes area.   

  1. Shawville (Clearfield Cty, PA)
  2. Monroe (Monroe Cty, MI)
  3. Homer City (Indiana Cty, PA)
  4. Cardinal (Jefferson Cty, OH)
  5. Sherburne County (Sherburne Cty, MN)
  6. Muskingum River (Washington Cty, OH)
  7. Hatfield’s Ferry (Fayette Cty, PA)
  8. Walter C Beckjord (Clermont Cty, OH)
  9. Wabash River (Vigo Cty, IN)
  10. Newton (Jasper Cty, IL)
  11. Pleasant Prairie (Kenosha Cty, WI)
  12. Belle River (St. Clair Cty, MI)
  13. Clifty Creek (Jefferson Cty, IN)
  14. Columbia (Columbia Cty, WI)
  15. St Clair (St Clair Cty, MI)
  16. Rockport (Spencer Cty, IN)
  17. Gavin (Gallia Cty, OH)
  18. Bruce Mansfield (Beaver Cty, PA)
  19. South Oak Creek (Milwaukee Cty, WI)
  20. Kyger Creek (Gallia Cty, OH)
  21. State Line (Lake Cty, IN)
  22. J M Stuart (Brown Cty, OH)
  23. Tanners Creek (Dearborn Cty, IN)
  24. Boswell (Itasca Cty, MN)
  25. Joppa Steam (Massac Cty, IL)


For complete details of the NRDC study.