The Spin Down (AKA Spin Out) Separator: A Very Useful Tool in Water Treatment


The spin down unit above is for 1.5″ pipe. It is only 15 inches long.

The spin down filter is an effective and easy-to-maintain sediment filter. The clear cover allows quick view of collected sediment to know when purging is needed.

It is designed for easy installation on either PVC (glue on) or it can be easily adapted to other pipe style with a glue-in adapter.

The spin down filter uses an easily cleaned and reusable polyester filter screen. The standard model is 100 mesh (152 micron), ideal for medium duty filtration of sand, grit, pipe scale, etc., but both coarser and finer screens are available.

Pipe size of this unit is 1.5″ (can be bushed down for smaller pipe), and it supports flow rates of up to 50 gallons per minute.

A smaller 1″ version supports flow rates to 20 gallons per minute and is, therefore, appropriate for most residential applications.

The flush valve is threaded 1/2″ for easy adaptation to a drain hose. Opening the flush valve quickly purges the filter of collected sediment.

Maximum operating pressure for this unit is 150 psi.


The Spin Down filter is renewed by simply opening the ball valve and allowing water pressure to purge the filter.

This “Spin Down” style sediment filter traps large particles and supports a high flow rate. It is manually purged by opening the valve (black handle) which blows out trapped particles and renews the filter. Spin Down filters use replaceable screens ( the core visible through the transparent housing) that are usually measured in mesh sizes rather than microns. With microns, the filter gets tighter as the numbers get smaller. With mesh, the filter gets tighter as the numbers get larger.

This is an extremely versatile water treatment tool.  It is so light that it can be supported by the pipe in which it is installed.  No mounting bracket is needed.

Suggested uses:

Prefilter for “inline” tank style carbon and neutralizing filters to prevent intrusion of large sediment.

Postfilter for “inline” tank style filters to prevent media migration into service lines.

Whole house sediment treatment for large particles like sand and grit.  It also serves as an excellent prefilter for finer sediment  filters to protect them from premature clogging.

An excellent “insurance” filter to protect against sediment intrusion from unexpected breaks in piping even in very clean city or well water.

Reference: Pure Water Products.