Taboada Plant Will Handle Half Of Lima’s Wastewater

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Lima residents are now enjoying the benefits of the startup of South America’s biggest water treatment plant.  It  increases sewage treatment capacity from 16% to 75% for the area and it will have great benefit on fishing and  ocean recreation in the area.  An impressive drinking water project is also in the works for the Lima area.

Peru’s  Taboada water-treatment plant, which is now South America’s largest,  will handle sewage for almost half of the 9 million inhabitants of the capital city of Lima.  The plant has just come online and will be running full capacity by July 2013.

At present, only 16 percent of the area’s sewage is treated.  Taboada will boost total sewage treatment capacity in Lima and the neighboring port of Callao to 75.

Fishermen and beach users will benefit as far less raw sewage will be dumped into the ocean.  After solid waste is removed, the residual liquid will be pumped into the sea 4 kilometers off shore.

A large part of the area’s food is harvested from the sea, so the food supply will also benefit from the new plant.

In the Lima area, almost 2 million residents still do not have access to running water.  A $3.3 billion drinking water improvement plan is also in the works.  It will extend over 3 years.

Reference source: Bloomberg

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