Simple, Inexpensive Aeration System for Treatment of Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide

Pure Water Products offers state-of-the-art AerMax systems with Air Pumps for treatment of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, and we provide a wide variety of parts for these systems on our main website. We also have the simple, inexpensive aeration system described below.

These parts fit and interchange with the Nelsen Corporation’s “Terminator” Aeration Systems. Please call for information and pricing on complete Terminator units.

 aeration_venturi (2)

In the passive venturi aeration system pictured above, when the well pump is running, water from the well passes through the venturi valve which draws air into the water line. An aeration tank which follows the well’s regular pressure tank provides contact time and mixing space so that the air can oxidize the iron, manganese, or hydrogen sulfide for removal by a filter. (The filter is not shown and is not included in this product. We provide many excellent filters for this purpose on our main website.) The vent valve on top of the aeration tank vents off excess air.

venturiWaterite Venturi Air Injector. Air is drawn into the water stream through the stem on the right. The system can also be used to inject liquids into the water stream by attaching a tube to the barbed stem.  The nut on the left provides an adjustment.

Simple Aeration Supplies

Part Number
AM200 Waterite Air Injector, 1″–3/8 to 16 gpm. Installs on 1″ water line. $59
AM220 Honeywell Air Mix Tank Kit, ¾” $183
AM221 Honeywell Air Mix Tank Kit, 1″ $249

Honeywell/Braukmann Air Vent, 1/8″. Passive Air Vent without vent tube.


Vent Tubing Connector for Honeywell Air Vent. Adapts 1/8″ Vent Nipple to 1/4″ tube

AM230 PWP Budget Air Mix Assembly. Include Honeywell Vent Kit, 1″, Waterite Injector, 1″, and 8 X 44 Mix Tank $444
AM229 PWP Budget Air Mix Assembly. Includes Honeywell Vent Kit, 3/4″, Waterite Injector, 1″, and 8 X 44 Mix Tank (Identical to AM230 except that the vent head is for 3/4″ pipe.) $397

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