Sand Trap Sediment Removers

Posted August 11th, 2013

The “Sand Trap” — a unique approach to an old problem

The patented “Sand Trap” is a valuable tool for dealing with heavy sand or large sediment in wells. It works by separating out bothersome  sand, shale and oxidized organics found in some water supplies. The Sand Trap system does this not by conventional filtration but by directing the water through an internal swirl chamber then into a diverting plate. The process causes heavier particles to settle to the bottom of the tank for removal via a simple blow down valve.


The Sand Trap can be used independently, if large particles are the only issue, or as a pretreatment for other equipment. It spares treatment devices that follow the heavy burden handling large doses of particulate.  For example, if installed in front of a backwashing sediment filter, it protects the filter from having to deal with more than it can handle and can significantly reduce the frequency of backwash required. When placed in front of a conventional cartridge-style sediment filter, the Sand Trap greatly reduces the bother and expense of frequent cartridge changes.

This “micro” Sand Trap is best at dealing with large sediment flowing at a low flow rate.


The Sand Trap system is virtually maintenance free, with no moving parts and no sophisticated backwash control needed. It does not require electricity and its drain water can be directed anywhere (for lawn irrigation, for example), since no chemicals are added to the water.

Sand trap units come in a variety of sizes,  from a “micro” version that is built from a standard 20-inch “Big Blue” filter housing to a Jumbo model that measures 12″ X 60″. In most cases, with the Sand Trap bigger is better, since larger units allow increased residence time for particles to settle out of water.

10″ X 54″ Sand Trap. This full-sized unit works well at handling heavy sediment for most standard residential situations.

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