Turning Off Aeration: Converting and AIO Control to Standard Filter Setting


The instructions below are for turning off the aeration feature in Fleck 5600 and 2510 AIO filtration units so that the unit will operate as a standard filter.


To enter master programming–


Set the time of day to 12:01 PM  (must be pm).


Press the extra cycle button to save the time.


Press the up and down buttons simultaneously and hold until the screen changes to a setting that says DG  GAL  (You are now in master programming mode.)



To scroll through the settings, push and release the extra cycle button.


Scroll through and do not change settings until you get to


DO 1  (DO, for Day Override, is the number of days until the unit regenerates.)



Change the 1 to any number you want for the regeneration interval. For example, if you want to regenerate every 4th day, change the number to 4.  Push the Extra Cycle button to save and move on.



Scroll through until you get to BD  40   Change the 40 to 0 and continue. (Set BD to 0, not to OFF.)



When you get to RR, change the 1 to 2.  (This gives you a 2 minute Rapid Rinse.  Set to a higher number if you wish.)



Continue to scroll through until the screen returns to the time of day.  Reset the time to the correct time of day.



Now the screen should alternate between the time of day and the DO number that you entered.  The number displayed is the days before the next regeneration.


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