Pure Water Products’ New Contaminant Index Gives Concise and Accurate Information on Scores of Common and Uncommon Water Contaminants

Probably you have never heard of Trifluralin.  Most haven’t.

Well, if you ever want to find out about trifluralin,  you can  look it up in the new Water Contaminant Index just launched on Pure Water Products’ website.  You’ll learn that

Trifluralin is a commonly used herbicide for the control of broad-leaf weeds in a wide range of areas, including grasses, crops, flowers and shrubs. A 2007 estimate by the EPA ranks it among the top ten pesticides used in homes and gardens. Although it is still used in the United States, it has been banned in the European Union since 2008. It can arrive in drinking water through agricultural runoff.

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There is little known about the human health effects of trifluralin. It has a low acute toxicity, but animal studies have shown that long term exposure can lead to weight loss and changes in the blood and liver. The EPA considers it a possible human carcinogen.

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According to the EPA, trifluralin can be treated with granular activated carbon (GAC),  reverse osmosis,  and possibly air stripping.


In short, you’ll get a concise description of the contaminant, its health effects and environmental impact, and the accepted methods for dealing with the contaminant should you have it in your water.

The site’s new information-packed contaminant page contains scores of entries in an easy-to-access format arranged alphabetically.  Information is from solid sources–the EPA, the World Health Organization,  and leading publications of the water treatment industry.  In short, it’s information you can depend on, arranged in a format that makes it easy to find.

Contaminant descriptions are compact yet complete–everything you need to know in a nutshell–and every item includes the accepted treatments for the contaminant at the end of the article where it’s easy to locate.

This user-friendly contaminant index adds to an already information-rich website.  According to James Washington, who put together then new contaminant index, “Our goal is to make purewaterproducts.com the best source on the world wide web for consumer information about residential water treatment products.  The new index complements our very informative product offering pages as well as such collections as our Water Treatment Articles collection and Product Manuals section.  The entire site is also searchable, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  We think you’ll be impressed with the quantity and the quality of our information.”

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