Stainless Steel Watts Residential Units Added to Pure Water Products UV Offerings

by Hardly Waite

Pure Water Products announced today that the company is adding Watts stainless steel residential ultraviolet (UV) systems to its product offerings.

After a two year trial period of selling and supporting the Watts units, the company today began offering the Watts units on its main webpage.

Pure Water Products now stocks all models and all parts of the Watts units for same-day shipment.

The clean, classic Watts UV unit. A powerful and effective but simple system that makes non-potable water safe to drink.

According to General Manager Katey Shannon,  “UV is our best commercial product.  We’ve been selling UV units since 1990.  Adding the stainless steel Watts units to our popular line of plastic Pura units gives us a powerful, high output UV system that’s simple to install and maintain yet inexpensive to purchase.   Since we are predominantly online sellers,  we like products that are tough and effective yet simple enough for non-professionals to install and service.  We’ve given the Watts systems a good test and we really like them.”

Watts UV units come in popular residential sizes from two to twelve gallons per minute with pipe sizes of 1/2″ (2 gpm unit), 3/4″ (6 and 8 gpm units) and 1″ (12 gpm unit).   Even the largest unit is priced under $500.

Pages to visit:

Watts UV Spec Sheet (PDF)

Watts Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems