Families Who Lost Wells Will Probably Be Connected to the Village of Jackson Municipal Water System

Last July, a major rupture of a pipeline owned by West Shore Pipe Line Co. of Illinois ruined the wells of several families in the Jackson, Wisconsin area.

West Shore owns a 650-mile fuel distribution system within Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Pipelines extend from East Chicago, Ind., around Chicago to Milwaukee and Green Bay. A separate line runs from the Chicago area to Janesville and Madison.

A section of 10-inch pipe in the company’s Milwaukee to Green Bay line ruptured along a welded seam July 17 in the 1800 block of Western Ave. in the town. The pipeline was built in 1961.

An estimated 54,600 gallons of gasoline spilled within a few minutes in a farm pasture.

Tests have detected gasoline contaminants in a total of 27 residential drinking water wells and two nonresidential wells since the spill.

Contaminant levels fluctuate in the wells. As of Jan. 2, West Shore reported recent tests detected benzene in 13 of the 29 wells.

Plans for compensation include drilling a new town well for the residents and providing a water treatment facility, but the leading plan is to connect the owners of ruined wells to the Village of Jackson municipal water system.

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