Pig Toilets In Taiwan Have Spared the Water, Cleaned Up the Environment, and Saved Producers Money

In his book Beyond Beef,  Jeremy Rifkin estimates that cattle and livestock account for twice the amount of pollutants as comes from all US industrial sources. According to another source, “Every second 250,00 pounds  of excrement are produce from livestock in the USA.”

It’s surprising how little has been done in the US to address the massive amount of pollution and water waste that come from livestock breeding.

Taiwanese Pigs In Line For Bathroom

In an innovative move, farmers in southern Taiwan have started to potty-train their pigs in response to a planned water pollution fee. To keep their livestock from defecating into nearby rivers, a growing number of farms have established special “toilets” smeared with feces and urine to attract the pigs.  The results have been encouraging.

One farmer says that his pig toilet has helped him collect 95% of the waste and has made cleaning much easier.

Are pigs in Taiwan that much smarter that US pigs?

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