IAPMO-Certified PFAS/PFOS for All MatriKX Filters




This coconut shell catalytic carbon block filter for chlorine, chloramine, and general chemical and VOC reduction is now certified for PFAS/PFOS reduction as well.


All MatriKX carbon block filters now carry certification for PFAS/PFOS reduction.  All MatriKX filters are made of 100% coconut shell carbon, a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. Coconut shell carbon is the preferred carbon for removal of certain chemicals (VOCS) as well as being a popular choice for good-tasting drinking water.

MatriKX blocks have been standard equipment in all Pure Water Products drinking water systems for over 25 years.  This includes countertop and undersink filters as well as reverse osmosis units. Our standard RO units have two MatriKX carbon blocks.

We stock MatriKX cartridges in all four standard sizes.  We have been confident that these high performance carbon blocks provided excellent drinking water protection from the “forever contaminants,” and now we are happy to see that PFAS/PFOS removal has been validated by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials) testing.


Source: Nelsen Corporation.