Pandemic Relief Has Benefited America’s Water Infrastructure

The American Rescue Plan Act — the relief bill that President Joe Biden signed into law on March 11, 2021 — set aside $350 billion to assist states, tribes, territories, and local governments in responding to financial challenges wrought by the pandemic. Water infrastructure improvements  are one of four broad spending categories authorized by the act.

Already at least $10.1 billion in ARPA funds have been dedicated  to water systems.

Here is how some states have applied the funds:

  • California used $301 million to pay off the water bills of low-income residents who fell behind during the pandemic. The state set aside as much as $985 million to forgive customer debt and it is now accepting applications from wastewater utilities.
  • Montana allocated $462.7 million to water and sewer infrastructure.
  • Louisiana allocated $300 million.
  • Kentucky and Ohio allocated $250 million.

Source Reference:  Circle of Blue.