NSF Certifies Its Very First Product Under the New Flushability Standard

NSF International, the prestigious certifying agent water treatment products as well as foods and many consumer goods,  has certified the first product – SCA’s TENA ® Flushable Washcloths (adult-sized wipes) – under the NSF Flushable Consumer Products Certification Program. The NSF ‘Certified Flushable’ mark on certified TENA Flushable Washcloths helps buyers differentiate between flushable and non-flushable products by eliminating confusion.

NSF Officials Testing Products Under New Flushability Standard

While overall wipes usage has increased at a rate of 10 percent per year, flushable wipes only make up roughly five percent of the overall wipes category.* Yet, wastewater treatment facilities face increased challenges as a result of  non-flushable wipes products entering treatment systems through toilets, which leads to clogging and other negative effects on wastewater collection and treatment systems that can increases costs and the risk for sewer spills.

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