New Jersey’s New “Fertilizer Law” Is Designed To Protect the State’s Water

New Jersey has recently enacted a new Fertilizer Law, designed to protect waterways from becoming overly nourished.   The new law sets limits on the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that can be used on lawns and restricts the times when fertilizer can be applied. It is considered the toughest such law  in the nation.

The amount of nitrogen that consumers can use is limited to 0.9 pounds on 1,000 square feet of ground per application, and 3.2 pounds per 1,000 square feet for the year. That is a 10 percent reduction from  the previous limit of a pound.  Professionals can apply up to a pound of nitrogen per 1,000 feet in each application, and are not to exceed 4.25 pounds for the year.

There have been difficulties for some landscapers.

Read full details NY Times.

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