Las Vegas and Clark County Duke It Out Over Storm Channel 

There is a city/county political fight going on in Las Vegas between the city and Clark County officials over who is going to pay for a five-mile pipeline to handle waste water from the Nellis Air Force Base.

Chironomid Midge

Water is currently being allowed to discharge into a county storm channel, but odors and insect issues have rankled area homeowners.  The storm channel has become a breeding ground for chironomid midges and mayflies.

The pipeline is estimated to cost $15 million with North Las Vegas putting up $8 million upfront. The county, which would oversee construction, would cover the remaining $7 million.

The battle over payment has been going on for some time.

North Las Vegas sued the county in federal court, arguing it has a right to discharge the treated wastewater into the channel. But the county called the discharge a nuisance and sought to stop it in state court.

County officials have maintained that the dry channel is intended to handle storm runoff and that the city’s dumping was illegal.

More gory details from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.