Start-up of Katalox Light Backwashing Filter

The following instructions are adapted from the media manufacturer’s start-up instructions.

1. Open the new bag of Katalox-Light media and put into the pressure vessel.  (Use a standard softener funnel, and be sure to cover the top of the riser tube to keep Katalox from going into the tube.)

2. With water off, or the filter in bypass, put the control valve into “backwash” position. Fill up the pressure vessel slowly with fresh water from bottom to the top with the control valve in backwash mode.  (The control valve can be unplugged to keep it in backwash as long as needed.)

3. Turn on the water completely and backwash the media for a minimum of 20 minutes.

4. After the backwash is complete perform a rapid rinse for for at least 5 minutes.