Israel Joins Other Advanced Countries in Ending Compulsory Fluoridation of Water

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The debate over the fluoridation of water for the purpose of preventing dental caries has gone on for decades.  Most industrialized nations have dropped compulsory fluoridation of water, with the US being the one of the few advanced countries that still support the practice. Israel just took a strong step toward ending compulsory fluoridation via drinking water this month.

Israel’s Health Minister Yael German announced in April that municipalities and local authorities would in a year no longer have to fluoridate their drinking water.

German,  a former mayor,   who has in the past stated opposition to forcing residents to take a fluoride treatment with every drop of water  they drink,  said there were more effective and safer ways to protect children’s teeth – such as fluoride pills, toothpastes and education.

She said she signed new regulations for stricter supervision of water supplies that included canceling mandatory fluoridation. German then even appealed to the High Court of Justice against the Health Ministry’s requirement – since 2002 – that water be fluoridated in every authority with at least 5,000 residents.

As expected, there was strong protest and promise of overthrow of German’s ruling by the usual proponents of fluoridation, including the World Health Organization.

Israel’s Health Minister Yael German announced in April that Israel will end compulsory fluoridation of water and that the High Court of Justice will be asked to rule on the legality of compulsory fluoridation.


Source: Jerusalem Post.

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