Is it safe to drink from the hose?


It’s a hot day, you’re out in the yard and you need to hydrate. A few steps away is a garden hose …

Should you take a drink?

You probably did when you were a kid. Your own kids may do it now. But is it safe?

We checked with two major municipalities. The short answer: No.

“While using your hose to water plants, fill water balloons or run your sprinkler are all great ideas, many don’t meet the safety standards required for drinking water,” the City of Cleveland Water Division says on its website. “They can contain lead or be made from materials that leach chemicals into the water, especially when heated by the sun.

“Plus, garden hoses are usually left outside in unsanitary conditions, making them susceptible to bacteria and insects.”

The City of Milwaukee agrees:

“It is not safe to drink from garden hoses. Vinyl hoses are treated with chemicals so they stay flexible. These chemicals may be toxic, which is why garden hoses should not be used for drinking purposes.”

Cleveland offers one “but”….

“However, there are faucets and garden hoses that are safe to drink from if properly maintained. If your garden hose or outdoor faucet is NSF/ANSI 61 or NSF/ANSI 372 certified, it means the products meet certain safety standards to be used for drinking water.”

Souce: Family Safety and Health.