Ink Blotter

Posted October 15th, 2016

Pure Water Products Brings Back the Ink Blotter


Back in the olden days when people bravely drank water straight from the tap and got milk straight from the cow, ink blotters were popular and necessary items. Before ballpoint pens, people wrote on paper by dipping a sharpened feather (called a quill) or a metal pen tip into an ink container. After transferring the ink to the paper in the shape of letters and words, they “blotted” what they had written with absorbent paper called an ink blotter to dry the excess ink and thus prevent runs and smears on the page. Ink blotters were popular items in homes and offices and were frequently used as bearers of advertising.

Since quills are now seldom used, ink blotters have fallen into disuse. Until now. We decided to bring back the blotter by creating one that works with today’s writing instruments. This blotter is guaranteed to prevent ink runs and smears on anything you write. It works with ballpoint pens, computer screens, phones–any modern writing instrument. What’s best is that you don’t even have to blot the words on the screen. Just keep it anywhere in your home or office and, as if by magic, it prevents smears on anything you write. Trust us. It works great!

You can print this blotter directly off the screen and it will work fine.  To fully activate the magical properties of the blotter, however, you have to read the advertising printed on back of the paper version.  See below:

Blotter Advertising.