Water and Electricity Go Hand In Hand.  How A Shortage  of Cold Water Creates A  Shortage of Electricity

Climate change is bad for electricity supplies.  It takes electricity to process and deliver water, and it takes water to make electricity. What affects one side of the equation affects the other.

We burn coal or natural gas to boil water to turn turbines to produce electricity. Turbines produce more than 90 percent of our electricity.

Power generating plants are cooled by water in rivers or lakes.  As the water gets warmer, and less abundant because of global warming brought on by the greenhouse gasses produced by running the turbines, it gets harder to cool the plant and electrical production has to be cut back.

According to Scientific American, by 2040 electrical production may fall as much as 16 per cent in the summer, when we need it most for air conditioning.

More about this from Scientific American.

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