Pure Water Products Urges Safe Shopping Practices at Groundhog Day Sale

In spite of signs throughout the stores urging observance of the store’s “Safe Shopping” policies, the big Pure Water Products Groundhog Day sale at its Denton, TX store can be dangerous.  At last year’s event, the shopper  pictured above in the foreground slipped in the Reverse Osmosis Parts aisle and skidded, getting a nasty bruise on her hip and breaking the index finger on her left hand.

PWP’s  Groundhog Day Sale has been a big event in North Texas for a number of years, pulling shoppers from the the Dallas/Ft.Worth area into the company’s Denton location in record numbers. Its popularity is attributed to not only to low prices but to the fact that Groundhog Day is the first big shopping event of the year.

Store manager Katey Shannon says, “People have recovered from Christmas and ready to get going again. When we open the doors at 2:00 AM on Groundhog morning, they’re lined up and ready.”

Shannon says that low prices are the key. “Our everyday prices are so low that when we apply the 15% store-wide Groundhog markdown, some products actually come out below zero. With quick-connect fittings, for example, we actually pay people to take them. John Guest reducing tube tees this year are going for -$o.21–that’s a negative 21 cents each. No wonder people are lining up.” Shannon added that shoppers with a practical turn of mind take advantage of the sale to stock up on items they may need down the road, like dry pellet chlorinators, seal and spacer kits for iron filters,  and vacuum breakers for retention tanks.

“So please,” says Shannon, “come early and stay late, but most of all observe the rules given on the Safe Shopping signs displayed throughout the store. Most shopping injuries can be avoided by common sense.”