World Bank and Islamic Development Bank To Provide Gaza Funds for Water System Improvements

The conflict in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Palestinians has left almost 200 people dead.   Water conditions in Gaza are terrible and rapidly getting worse as the single aquifer in the Strip is being over-pumped and rapidly depleted. The area is choked now with untreated sewage, which threatens health and welfare as well as the meager water resources the area possesses.

In response to this situation, the World Bank in conjunction with the Islamic Development Bank with provide a total of some $17.5 million in financing for improvements.  The funds will help construct water tanks to collect and blend water from different sources to improve the quality and efficiency of Gaza water and wastewater and to connect major well fields supplying Gaza’s middle and southern areas.  Water distribution networks will also be upgraded.

The population of Gaza is 1.6 million and its water infrastructure is one of the world’s worst.


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