We Have Discovered Yet Another Great Use for a Garden Hose Filter


 All garden hose filters are not created equal.  The small. disposable sausage-shaped “garden hose filters” sold on many websites and in hardware stores can do little more than remove chlorine.  Full-sized cartridge-style garden hose units, however,  have almost limitless possibility.  We’ve discovered a product call Flexi Fountain, another interesting application of the standard cartridge-style garden hose filter.

This unfortunate man lived before the invention of the garden hose filter and consequently had to endure being hosed down with sandy well water. Friction from sandy water is one reason why people wore out so fast in those days and did not live very long.

We have written previously about how useful garden hose filters are for providing chemical free water for organic gardeners, keeping spots off of patios or driveways rinsed with a hose, and for filling outdoor fish ponds with water that won’t kill the fish.  They’re also great for providing clean water for horses or spot-free car wash water for home car washers.

Cartridge-style garden hose filters are versatile because they can be made to perform different services simply by changing the filter cartridge.  The small,

disposable garden hose filters sold on many websites, by contrast, are one trick ponies: they remove chlorine.  Cartridge filters can be made to not only remove larger amounts of chlorine and chloramine, but to remove bacteria, fluoride, nitrates,  sand and other sediment,  hardness,  cysts, viruses, and even iron.  They can be used to raise the pH of acidic waters or to “sequester” hardness to prevent scale buildup.

In short, there are numerous uses.  We’ve featured articles previously about special applications like providing water for backyard chicken farms and we’ve mentioned unusual applications that our customers have told us about like using a garden hose filter to soften water to prevent spots on solar panels.

Here’s another very interesting application:

Our customer Grace Works of Balwin, MO makes a unique product called Flexi Fountain that uses a standard Pure Water Products garden hose filter to provide excellent, chlorine-free drinking water.

The Flexi Fountain is easy to move and “installation” is as easy as connecting a garden hose.

The Flexi-Fountain is a portable six station drinking water fountain that can be easily moved into place for any event where thirsty people.  It provides water without the need for paper cups and without lugging around heavy water cans or dispensers.  It works any place that can be reached with a garden hose.  Typical uses include football games, soccer, tennis, softball, baseball, cross country races, summer camps, booster club events, marathons, special outdoor celebrations, outdoor weddings,  child care and school playgrounds.

The Flexi Fountain provides six “bubbler”-style dispensers as well as a single spigot for filling a glass or container.

The garden hose filter gives thirsty outdoor water users excellent quality water without the need for plastic bottles.

We think Flexi Fountain is a great product.

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