Severe Thigh Injury Sustained by Woman Rushing to Buy Water Filter

What is believed to be the first serious injury of the holiday shopping season was sustained by shopper Martha Nicholson as she rushed to buy a countertop water filter earlier today at a Dallas-area water treatment store.

The store, Pure Water Products of Denton, Texas,  following the national trend of beginning the after-Thanksgiving “Black Friday” sales event early, opened its doors to after-Thanksgiving shoppers at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  “Since we are closed on Black Friday,” store manager Katey Shannon explained, “we decided to provide our customers the opportunity to do their post-Thanksgiving shopping on Wednesday.”

Although the store has the  policy of “same low price every day” pricing and it never has sales, shoppers were lined up in its parking lot well before the 8:00 AM opening.  Mrs. Nicholson, a Garland, Texas resident who had come to Denton especially for the early shopping opportunity, was believed to be fourth or fifth in line when the store opened its doors.  As she raced for the countertop water filter counter, Mrs. Nicholson somehow lost her footing,  fell in the store aisle, and skidded several feet on her right thigh.  It is not known at this time if broken bones resulted or if the injury is only a bad sprain.

Miss Shannon blamed excessive speed for the accident and added that the store’s spacious, unobstructed aisles  might encourage shoppers to move more quickly than is prudent.  “We have clearly visible, friendly signs throughout the store,” Shannon said, “that remind shoppers: DO NOT RUN.  THIS MEANS YOU!

Commenting on Mrs. Nicholson’s accident, Shannon said, “Look, I’m sorry she hurt her hip, but we warned her not to gallop through the store.”


Martha Nicholson Caught on a Pure Water Products Surveillance Camera Rushing Toward the Countertop Water Filter Counter. Excessive Speed Is Blamed for Her Accident.

Mrs. Nicholson is still in a Denton hospital and could not be reached for comment.

Miss Shannon said that Pure Water Products recommends “Safe Shopping,” which means avoiding the dangers of crowded stores by buying online.