Faucet Adapters for Countertop Filters


As sink faucets get more diverse, it is getting harder to install water filters that get their water from the sink faucet. Among our standard products, our Model 77 countertop and our countertop reverse osmosis units are most often connected to the sink faucet for their water source.  Ideally (but increasingly rarely) the faucet’s aerator is removed and the filter’s diverter valve screws right on to the threads on the faucet.

If the diverter doesn’t match the faucet (all diverters are the same, but faucets can vary a lot), an adapter is used to make the connection.



The diverter valve from the filter screws directly to the sink faucet. If it doesn’t fit, there are many adapters available to make the connection. 

We provide the two most standard diverter adapters with our new units, but if these don’t work, the best plan is to buy an inexpensive pack of the most commonly used adapters.  We don’t sell adapters other than the two most common, but a customer suggested a really good Amazon source.  Their basic adapter pack should work with almost any faucet. See link below.

Amazon source for a good selection of inexpensive diverter valves.