Drugs in Water. Where They Come From.

Below is a truncated cut from the April 11, 2010 issue of Dr. William Campbell Douglas’s popular online newsletter. ┬áIn it Dr. Douglas reiterates the information released earlier that same month about the severe pharmaceuticals contamination of water by the public use of medicated bath products.

How creams and lotions contribute to water pollution

If you’re slathering on topical creams, antibiotic ointments, medicated patches and hormone lotions, you’re not just marinating yourself in unnecessary meds — you’re sharing them with your friends and neighbors as well.

An alarming new study presented at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting shows that when you bathe, these drugs head right into the water table, where they make a beeline for taps all over town.

Thanks, pal. Just what the rest of us a need — an extra dose of YOUR meds.

But hey, it’s not just you. We’re all drinking each other’s drugs. Every prescription pill you swallow eventually comes out the other end, where it gets flushed down the drain. That’s bad enough — but at least those meds are diluted by their trip through the body.

All those creamy, gooey lotions, on the other hand, are still full-strength drugs when you wash them off.

And forget water treatment plants — trusting them to keep chemicals out of your tap water would be like trusting the French to keep out the Germans.

I’ve been warning of tainted water for years. Every day, millions of Americans are exposed to some of the worst drugs, chemicals and toxins imaginable — all pouring out of your supposedly safe tap water.

Everything from sex-change hormones to rocket fuel has been found in U.S. drinking water from coast to coast — in big cities and small towns alike. Some of these poisons enter as human waste, like those drugs I just mentioned… but others are a byproduct of corporate greed as American industry uses your waterways as its own private dumping grounds.

And of course, plenty of other toxic additives are put in on purpose — fluoride, chlorine and a few extras they haven’t copped to yet. Feminizing, sissy-making hormone drugs keep turning up in our water, making men impotent and weak — and I refuse to believe it’s an accident



Add it all up, and we’ve got some of the world’s most polluted water — and there’s little you can do to protect yourself from it. Don’t waste your money with supermarket water filters — get yourself a reverse-osmosis filter and install where the water enters your home.

And if you want the shocking truth about what tainted water can do to a community… keep reading!

Tainted water leads to cancer spike

I’ve been warning you for years about tainted water — and now, one community is paying the ultimate price.

A cancer cluster has been uncovered in the Chicago suburb of Crestwood… where residents were unwittingly drinking contaminated water for decades.

The Illinois Department of Public Health says this small village of 11,000 people is suffering from elevated rates of gastrointestinal, kidney, lung and colorectal cancers. And while you can lead a bureaucrat to tainted water, you can’t make him think — because the report actually stops short of blaming the water itself.

But everyone knows what really happened in Crestwood.

The contamination was first exposed in 1985, when state EPA tests found traces of a chemical used in dry cleaning in the local well water. They alerted the village, which said it would stop using the dirty water.

That’s when this story gets really, truly frightening… because the village then inexplicably continued to use this undrinkably bad sludgewater for 20 more years. Even worse: They stopped testing it!

That’s right — not a single follow-up test over 20 years. And if that’s the case in a place like Crestwood, where they KNEW the water was contaminated, what chance does your town have?

Answer: None.

This toxic tale tells you everything you need to know about the inability of public officials to test and regulate the water supply.

It’s sad — but expect to hear about more Crestwoods. Water contamination is the next big crisis ready to explode, and your town may be next. Truth is, you’re better off sucking up a mud puddle in a Third World country than sipping a glass of typical American H20.

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