Compact Whole House Filters for a Variety of Purposes

By far the most common application for cartridge-style whole house filtration units is removal of sediment from city and well water  and the removal of chlorine or chloramine from treated city water. However, these very versatile filters can fulfill a number of functions according to the cartridge installed. wh101_306

The compact whole house units use basic standard sized and readily available 4.5″ X 20″ filter cartridges. The housings are the old faithful 20″ Pentek “Big Blue” units, so replacement o rings and wrenches are easy to find. Brackets are sturdy but light stainless steel, and mounting screws are included.  Standard size is for 1″ pipe, but you can have 3/4″ or 1.5″ for the asking.  Two or more units can be joined together with standard hardware store pipe nipples or stainless connectors to make multi-stage filters.

The standard units offered on our website are a 5 micron wound string sediment ($159) and a utility grade CTO coconut shell carbon block filter, a taste/odor/chlorine filter for city water with chlorine.  This unit is often also used to polish taste and odor on well water. ($189.)

 One each of the filters above to be installed in series is a popular combination and costs $299, shipping included.

In addition to the two standard units, the same housing assembly can be used for other filtration tasks.   It becomes a very high performance chemical filter for a variety of contaminants when used with the MatriKX CTO Plus. The CTO Plus version is rated for an incredible 240,000 gallons of chlorine reduction, 12,000 gallons of chloramine treatment, plus reduction of smaller amounts of PFAS and VOC.   Unit price of the unit with the CTO Plus is $210.

It can also be equipped with Pentek’s Radial Flow Chloramine filter.  This very very free-flowing chloramine cartridge is rated for 25,000 gallons chloramine reduction at 2.5 gpm and 200,000 gallons of chlorine reduction at 4 gpm.  Full price is $303.

With Pentek’s 4.5″ X 20″ iron reduction cartridge, the compact whole house unit becomes an exceptionally useful light duty iron filter for well water.  Cost of the compact iron unit is $240.

Other options include pleated, wound string, and melt blown sediment cartridges in many micron ratings, a variety of carbon blocks, plus media cartridges with catalytic carbon, KDF, softener resin, calcite, and more.   Any cartridge on this page will fit the unit, and you can make an approximate price for the full unit by adding $120 to the cartridge price.