Posted July 12th, 2018

ChemSorb, the Name, Bites the Dust


One of our favorite products, ChemSorb, a natural zeolite filtration medium capable of filtering out particulate down to about five microns, is undergoing a name change.  Due to a trademark conflict, the popular sediment filter medium is changing its brand name. The new brand name is not yet available.

The product is still for sale, but it will no longer be called ChemSorb.

Since at present it is a product without a name, we’ve changed our main website so that it is now sold simply by the generic name Zeolite,  So until a new name appears, if you want what used to be called ChemSorb,  please order Zeolite. It’s the same product (and the bag may even say ChemSorb), but our website now calls it Zeolite.