Bottleless Water Coolers for Homes and Offices

The best way to have bottled water is to get the bottle out of the picture and process the water with your own treatment unit.  Coolers are now available that provide the same delivery system as bottled water coolers but avoid the expense and hassle of buying, carrying,  and changing bottles. The savings in money and time and bother

A Modern Bottleless Water Cooler

can be exceptional.

Modern bottleless coolers can provide a variety of water temperature options, some with hot, cold and “cook” (ambient temperature) water, others with cold only, others with cold and cook only.

Part of the allure of having a bottled water delivery service, however, is not having to clean and maintain the cooler itself.  The article below, from a leading seller of bottleless coolers,  demonstrates that taking care of your cooler isn’t as hard as you thought.

How to clean a bottleless cooler, sanitize the reservoir, and change the filter

A major reason people do not switch from rented coolers to bottleless coolers is the perception of convenience. These people believe that maintaining a cooler is a skill reserved for experts and learning how to do so would be too difficult. We believe in you and your ability to clean the cooler, sanitize the reservoir, and change the filter with ease and confidence.

Cleaning the cooler and sanitizing the reservoir:

You can easily wipe down the cooler with a light bleach solution (a tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water) or you can purchase a commercial water cooler cleaning agent such as Cooler Clean ™ or H20K ™. Wipe the lid of the cooler and remove both the lid and the reservoir cover. Drain any remaining water in the reservoir through the faucets. Using a dry paper towel, wipe out the inside of the reservoir to eliminate any film. Pour the commercial cleaning agent or bleach solution into the reservoir and fill with water. Wait 15 minutes and then drain the reservoir using each faucet. Repeat if necessary. Replace the reservoir cover and lid. Allow the reservoir to refill. Drain a few cups of water from each faucet and discard. Your cooler and reservoir are now cleaned and sanitized!

Bottleless coolers can be fed by either a filter or a reverse osmosis unit, in some cases built into the cooler unit, in others installed at a remote location, such as under a nearby sink.  Servicing the treatment unit is also a relatively easy process.  RO and filter makers provide instructions.