December 2012 Water News in Numbers

Water News Numbers for December 2012

Gazette Numerical Wizard Bee Sharper Indexes the Numbers that Harper’s Misses



Facts You Would Have Learned Had You Read This Month’s Top Water Stories Articles in the Pure Water Gazette. Aren’t you ashamed that you didn’t?

Age of Besse Cooper, who died in December of 2012 — 116.

Number of significant medical studies that have found the children living in areas where water is fluoridated have lower IQ scores than children from non-fluoridated areas–36.

Projected increase in the number of water-consuming Texans between 2010 and 2050 — 25 million to 55 million.

Number of Americans who have at least one food allergy — 7.5 million.

Percentage by which food allergies increased between 1997 and 2007 –18%.

Number of years an artificial Christmas tree must be used to make its environmental impact equal to that of a “real” Christmas tree — 20.

Fraction of US winter food crops that are grown with irrigation water from the Colorado River — 1/3.

Low temperature at the cite of this year’s (Dec. 23) annual Christmas Bath in Poland’s Warta River– minus 10 C.

Temperature at which performance figures for residential reverse osmosis membranes are rated — 77 F.

Inlet pressure at which residential reverse osmosis membrane are rated — 60 psi.

Number you multiply by to convert milliliters per minute to gallons per day to figure reverse osmosis production rates– 0.38.

Gallons of fresh water accidentally lost by an El Paso County fracking operation — 1.8 million.

Number of households this water would supply for a year — 54.

Percentage of Americans’ mercury intake that comes from eating tuna — almost 40%.

Number of years that medical authorities used and recommended bloodletting as an effective treatment –2500.

Size increase of some water-absorbing toys when placed in water (or a child’s stomach) — 400 times.

According to the UN, the number of people worldwide who are suffering from water scarcity — 700 million.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the amount being charged by many “high pressure” sellers of water treatment equipment for $1,000 worth of equipment — $6,000.

Approximate number of US motorists who die each year from drowning — 400.

According to the Mercury News, the rank of Jamie Nolan among girls’ water polo players — #1.

Age of the New Delhi woman whose rape (and subsequent death) sparked massive protests which police sought to control with powerful water cannons–23.

Water saving claimed by the maker of a new aerating shower head — 35%.

Length of a controversial water pipeline recently approved to transport water to Las Vegas — 264 miles.

Number of Rose Bowl fulls of water that are dumped into Santa Monica Bay by a good rain– 100.

Number of gallons — 10 billion.

Number of California’s ten most polluted beaches that are in Los Angeles County — 7.

“Water Footprint” of the average modern Californian– 1500 gallons per day.

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