Why Pure Water Products’ Backwashing Filters Are the Very Best in the World

Gene Franks, Pure Water Products

To start with, we have invented a superior new filter medium that removes all known contaminants from water, never wears out, and is very inexpensive.

We also have created a new filter control valve that lasts for 40 years, runs without electricity, and can be programmed by thought.

Finally, in response to customer demand, we have created a unique space-saving mineral tank that is over twice as large on the inside as it is on the outside.

I really wish I could tell you all of that is true, but, alas, I have to tell you that we mainly use the same old stuff that’s available to everyone else in the industry for making filters. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that our backwashing filters are the best on the market and that it doesn’t worry us that some other internet sites seem to be selling comparable filters at a slightly lower price.

Here are some reasons: 

100% Vortech. We now use Vortech mineral tanks exclusively for all residential-sized filters (up to 13”). Vortech tanks cost more and they are harder to get, but they don’t need gravel underbeds,  and compared with conventional tanks, they save at least 20% of regeneration water used by the filter.  They save water day after day, year after year. We now use Vortech tanks even for dome hole applications (for calcite filters) and bottom drain tanks (for vacation homes that require draining for winter).

We use all Fleck controls. These tried and proven performers are easy to program, easy to maintain, economical to operate. We offer standard timer models, SXT electronic upgrades, and even non-electric manual Fleck units, plus the AIO electronic air-draw control in two control valve styles for problem well water.


We program all control valves before the filter is shipped. Plug it in, set the time of day, and you’re ready to go. If you want to change the programming, it’s easy.

We provide a complete “Setup Sheet” for all filters that lets you know at a glance the type and quantity of the media your filter has, the regeneration time, the backwash and rinse duration, and the drain line flow control size. Plus, we keep this information on file so if you call or email we’ll know exactly what you need for your filter.

We pay shipping. Keep this in mind if you’re comparing prices. Backwashing filters are large and the media that goes in the tank are heavy.

We build filters every day, so we have everything in stock and can normally ship the filter the day you order it. This means also that we always have parts in stock if you need them.

We support installation and service by both email and phone. If you call us, or if your plumber calls us, we’re happy to help.

The most important thing about buying a backwashing filter is getting what is needed for your specific water issue. We offer help in diagnosing water issues and in selecting and sizing equipment. You can contact us by phone or email for help. We offer a dozen different media choices that cover most city or well water issues. We also sell and supply any supporting equipment needed, such as sediment pre-filters, chlorine or aeration pre-treatment, or pH amendment. We also offer free testing to help determine what you need (or don’t need).

What others offer as options, come as standard equipment with our filters. All of our filters come with such standard equipment as a stainless steel bypass valve, drain tubing, pre-installed flow control for regeneration, a media funnel, and a clear-bowl media trap. We’ve just added the media trap as a standard feature to protect your home against media intrusion in home services lines. The bypass, funnel, drain tubing, and media trap when sold as options cost over $100.

 Our Fleck 2510 filters come with either traditional timer or advanced SXT control.