Gazette Numerical Wizard Bea Sharper brings you up to date on the current water news in numbers.

 Mid-August, 2015

Percentage of trash found on Australian beaches that is plastic — 75%.

Highest level of microcystin recorded this summer in the Toledo Lake Erie area, in parts per billion – 2.5.

Gallons of contaminant-laden water dumped into the Animas River by the Gold King mine spill– 3,000,000.

Miles of Colorado’s streams that are impaired by mining related impacts – 1645.

Rank of marijuana among the cash crops grown in California – #1.

Percentage of marijuana consumed in the US that is now grown in drought-ridden California—70%.

Estimated value of California’s annual marijuana crop – $11 billion.

Value of California’s second most valuable cash crop, milk and cheese – $6.9 billion.

Approximate number of separate water districts and agencies that regulate California’s use of water—3,000.

Daily per person consumption of water in Sydney, Australia – 83 gallons.

In Irvine, California – 193 gallons.

Rate in inches per month at which land is sinking in the San Joaquin Valley due to overpumping of water wells — 2.

By CDC estimate, the number of people hospitalized each year in the U.S. with Legionnaires’-related ailments — 8,000 to 18,000.

Gallons-per-minute pemitted for shower heads under California’s new Tier 1 regulation – 2.

Years in which Los Angeles and New York City respectively imposed the same 2 gpm limit on shower heads– 2009 and 2010.

Pure Water Gazette’s proposed time limit on songs that can be sung in the shower –2 minutes, 15 seconds.