Numerical Wizard B. Bea Sharper ferrets out the watery facts that Harper’s misses

Dog droppings and other compelling problems.

Number of dogs believed to be living in the United States–78.000,000.

Estimated percentage of these dogs that are in the country illegally– 23.9%.

Daily excrement output of these dogs, in tons–30.000.

Yearly excrement output of these dogs, in tons–10,000,000.

Number of 18-wheel tractor trailer trucks that would be required to haul away 10,000,000 tons of dog manure–267,500.

Length in miles of the caravan made by these 267,500 manure wagons if they were lined up bumper to bumper–3800.

Rank of the roundworm as the most common dog excrement parasite — #1

Percentage of Americans who tested positive for roundworms in a CDC study – 14%.

Number of canines required to generate enough bacteria in three days to close 20-miles of beach –100.

Approximate percentage of Americans who don’t pick up their dogs’ feces–40%

Percentage of US households that have at least one dog–60%.

Numerical rank of dog waste among the largest contributors of bacterial pollution in urban watersheds– 3 or 4.

According to a Seattle study, the percentage of watershed pollution that can be attributed to dog wastes–20.

Average daily output in pounds of feces per day per dog–3 to 4.

Pounds of excrement produced by 1000 dogs in a week — 750.

Percentage of the total residential waste stream that was found to be dog waste in a San Francisco study — 4%