Facts You Would Have Learned Had You Read Last Month’s Top Water Stories Articles in the Pure Water Gazette

Gazette Numerical Wizard B. Bee Sharper Ferrets Out the Watery Facts that Harper’s Misses





Percentage of arable land in Africa that is presently irrigated — 5%.

Approximate number of Africans without access to potable water — 300,000,000.

Percentage of US land that was under drought conditions during 2012–46.48%.

Percentage of the earth’s fresh water supply that is held as ice and sub-glacial liquid in Antarctica–70%.

Years it took Russian scientists to drill through the ice covering Lake Vostok in the Antarctic–20.

Year in which Ecuador passed laws granting waterways rights similar to those enjoyed by humans –2008.

Year in which New Zealand granted the Whanganui River rights of “personhood”–2012.

Year in which the Clean Water Act was signed into law–1972.

Pints of water being consumed daily by women in Great Britain suffering from hypnatremia — 44.

Price of a Pure Water Products Model 77 Countertop Water Filter in 1987 — $77.

Price of a Pure Water Products Model 77 Countertop Water Filter in 2012 — $77.

Percentage of Western European population that now drinks non-fluoridated water — 97%.

Percentage of US population that lives in areas where water is still fluoridated — 64%.

Age of lifelong friend of the environment and former EPA administrator Russell Train when he died in September 2012 — 92.

Amount the town of Salem, NH has spent each of past 15 years in attempt to deal with TCE contamination — $100,000 plus.

Pounds of mercury found recently in a municipal water pipe at Camp Lejeune, NC — 8.

Percentage of municipal water in Gaza that is considered not drinkable by international standards — 95%.

Percentage of US water that is used in homes — 3.6%.

Percentage of US water that is used in agriculture–92%.

Rank of the effectiveness of diet change among the various strategies for saving water — #1.