Fluoride Defeated 60% to 40% in Wichita Kansas Vote.   National Fluoridation Machine Beaten Soundly by Popular Local Effort

The people of Wichita, Kansas soundly rejected the third attempt to impose public fluoridation of drinking water on Nov. 7, 2012.  Wichita is the second largest non-fluoridated city in the US and as such was the target of a well-financed effort by a coalition of the usual fluoride pushers (the ADA, CDC, Delta Dental, Pew).

One observer said that fluoridation backers were armed with a bottomless pit of money and bushels of media endorsements.   Fluoride-free campaigners focused on public education and generating a city-wide debate prior to the vote.  Their strategy was to keep the debate focused on the science of the issue.

Well known fluoride opponent Dr. Paul Connett gave a total of six presentations in Wichita.