Can AerMax Units Be Used to Treat Constant Pressure Well Systems?

Yes,  definitely, AerMax units work well with constant pressure wells, but there are a couple of things  you need to know.


First, the pump has to be controlled with a timer. There are no options. People often wire the pump and solenoid vent into the pump circuit of conventional wells, but this won’t work with a constant pressure well.

Second, since constant pressure systems usually maintain a higher pressure than conventional bladder tank systems, it’s best to use the upgrade CAP AerMax pump rather than the standard model. The CAP also needs an upgrade installation kit.  At current pricing, the pump/installation kit upgrade adds about $220 to the price of the standard 110 V. AerMax unit.  The other parts are all the same.

The standard air pump can be used, but with constant pressure wells, the upgrade pump works better and has shorter service runs.

Programming the unit, with either the standard pump or the CAP, for most residential applications means running the pump enough to do a complete turnover of the unit’s air pocket at least 3 times per week. This means running the standard pump 3 times per week at about 18 to 20 minutes per session or running the CAP unit about 2 minutes per session. (The CAP has about 10 times the air output capacity as compared with the standard pump.)



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