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 Chlorination of Water

Chlorination: A Link Between Heart Disease and Cancer by Dr. Martin Fox.  An old but solid study on the health effects of chlorination.

 Dangers Of Chlorinated Water from Rachel's Environmental Newsletter.

Is Your Bathtub a Toxic Dump?  by George Glasser and Andreas Schuld.  The effects of chlorine and fluoride in your bathwater.

Rethinking Chlorinated Tap Water by Dr. Zoltan P. Rona. A Canadian doctor looks at public water chlorination.

Showering boosts levels of potentially hazardous trihalomethanes by David Williamson. Chemical levels increase in blood after showering.


Fluoride in Drinking Water

The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation, by Paul Connett, Ph.D. "Water fluoridation is a peculiarly American phenomenon. It started at a time when Asbestos lined our pipes . . . ."

The Case Against Fluoride by Anna Selby. Even if fluoride weren't added to water, it would be hard to avoid getting too much.

Fluoride by Dr. Don Mac Auley.  An Irish dentist and fluoridation expert speaks out.  

Fluoride Fatigue.  Is Fluoride Making  You Sick.  by Bruce Spittle.

Fluoridation: Time for a Second Look?    by Paul, Ellen and Michael Connett. A very informative article by respected fluoride researchers.

Hard to Swallow. A Salt Lake Tribune Editorial published March 5, 2002.  Why are Americans so far behind the rest of the world in banning fluoridation of water supplies?

Irish Government Withholds Fluoridation Information by Fionnuala Quinlan. Contains information about the effects of fluoride on infants.

Is Fluoride in our Water a Mistake? by Philip Fraser .Superb article about the ubiquitous poison that establishment scientists continue to recommend in spite of mounting evidence that it's a big mistake.

Is Your Bathtub a Toxic Dump? by George Glasser and Andreas Schuld. You may be surprised at what they're putting in your bath water.

Once Again, the Kooks Are Vanquished, by Paul Carpenter. An Allentown, PA journalist gives some thought-provoking comments after a fluoridation election.

Probe Urged in Fluoride in Water Link to Cancer  by Fionnuala Quinlan.  Fluoridated areas of Ireland have a 40% higher rate of some types of bone cancer.

Prominent Researcher Apologizes for Pushing Fluoride by Barry Forbes.  

The Fluoridation Fiasco, by Gary Null.  A detailed discussion of the fluoride issue by one of America's foremost health experts. This is a complete and highly documented treatment of the fluoride issue.

Why Is the CDC Covering Up a Fifty Year Old Mistake? by Roger D. Masters, Ph.D.  Professor Masters shows how silicfluorides can be harmful to our children.


General Water Information

Drinking Water Glossary. A very useful EPA-prepared glossary of drinking water terms.

Earth could hold more water by Philip Ball. Five times as much water as in all the world's oceans may lurk deep below its surface.

EPA Drinking Water Standards.  The National Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Regulations as established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Excrement Happens. The history of humanity's battle with excrement disposal through the age.

The Gazette's Great Water Article, by Gene Franks. Is water a living organ of the living earth? Do we have moral obligations toward water? These issues and much, much more. Introduction to the thinking of the great German hydrologist

H20--The Mystery Art and Science of Water. An informative page maintained by Sweet Briar College.

History of the Doulton Ceramic Filter.  The story of Henry Doulton, the founder of the world's oldest operating water filtration company.

Tales from the Wasteland. A memorable story of the Philadelphia sewers. . "It's another city. It's a private city."

Toilets of the World.  A comprehensive, pictorial history.

Westchester Takes Aim at nicotine-laced water by Melissa Klein. Bottled water reaches a new dimension.

Where Does US Water Quality Rank?  Hint: It isn't the best--Finland's Is.


Health and Water

Antibiotics--Are You Drinking Them in YourWater? by Hardly Waite, Gazette Senior Editor.  A West Virginia High School Student made a startling discovery about our water. 

Clear Path to Aquifer Opens to Pollution by Robert Sargent and Ramsey Campbell.  Every human activity, even drainage, can lead to water comtamination.

Contaminants in wells that supply San Martin residents
by Maria Alicia Gaura.  Perchlorate contamination is becoming more common every day.

Dr. Batman Thumbs His Nose at Cholesterol  by Hardly Waite. The world's leading water doctor gives some unusual advice about water and heart disease.

Dr. Batmanghelidj's Global Health Solutions site is a treasure of fascinating studies linking dehydration to human illness.  Dr. Batmanghelidj's monumental book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water is for sale at the Gazette's bookvending enterprise, Trinity River Dot Com.

Drinking Water Helps Cut Heart Disease Risk. "Not drinking enough water can be as harmful to your heart as smoking."

Free Drugs From Your Faucet by  Mark D. Uehling.  Ninety percent of the drugs that Americans take get peed right into our water supply. 

New Study Says Pharmaceuticals Taint U.S. Waters. A report by Water Technology Magazine, March 2002.

Water and Metabolism.  From Hardly Waite's Quick Takes page, a brief look at water's role in human metabolism.

Water--Are You Drinking Enough? by Hardy Waite, Gazette Senior Editor. A brief piece that will convince you to drink up.

Water bottles becoming environmental risk. Water Technology Magazine. How many sweaters could be made from California's discarded water bottles?

Westchester Takes Aim at nicotine-laced water by Melissa Klein. Bottled water reaches a new dimension.

Women and the Water Cure  by Gene Franks. A study of women's health, heroic medicine, and the liberation of women in nineteenth century America.  Interesting illustrations.

Poems about Water.

Recycled, by Verne N. Rockcastle. 

Politics of Water

A Prayer for Water & Children, by David James Duncan. The heart-breaking account of how our government uses water as a weapon of war against children in Iraq.

The Battle for Water by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke.  What is "privatization" all about?

The World's Greatest $77 Water Filter.

The Battle to Bottle: The Corporate Theft of Water.  A Tompaine.com interview. People's right to water is being challenge by the Coca Cola company.

Blood and Water by Jessica McCallin. The struggle over water between Israel and Palestine.  A excellent two-part article from Grist magazine.

The Coming Water Crisis by Marianne Lavelle et al. Actually, the "coming crisis" is already here.

The Privatization of Water by Peter Phillips, Ph.D.  Water is our "new resource crisis." What should be a basic human right is being taken over by multinational corporations.

Threats posed by water scarcity  by Rick Weiss. "It's an important axiom that providers don't "own" the water and that "water pricing schemes must include a mechanism to protect the poor."

UN Designates Safe Water A Basic Human Right, from Water Technology Magazine.

Women and the Water Cure  by Gene Franks. A study of women's health, heroic medicine, and the liberation of women in nineteenth century America.  Interesting illustrations.


Religion and Water

Identifying Islamic Approaches to Water Management by Keane Shore. Water is an important issue in the Islamic world. Learn what the Prophet and the Islam's sacred texts say about the ethics of water usage.



River Recovery: Restoring Rivers Through Dam Decommissioning. Attractive and informative site that focuses on dams in British Columbia.

Water Shortage

China's Water Table Torture by Lester R. Brown.  Rivers are drying up and the water table is dropping fast in the North China Plain.

UN Warns of Looming Water Crisis. A BBC Report.


Water--There's Nothing Like It.

H2O--The Mystery, Art, and Science of Water.  A Sweetbriar College project that treats many aspects of water. Though the quality is irregular, there's some very good stuff here.

Ode to H2O by Graeme D. Buchan. An interesting and informative article, well illustrated, about the nature of water. Mildly technical, but very readable.

The Gazette's Great Water Article by Gene Franks. A varied article about water's place in our lives and about water's independent existence. Includes discussions of Schwenk, flowforms, and much more.


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