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Chlorine, Chloramines and Trihalomethanes

"Outside of a dog, a countertop water filter is man's best friend.  Inside of a dog, it's too dark to drink water."--Groucho Marx.

Model 77--"The World's Greatest $77 Water Filter."

Martin Fox, Ph.D., Chlorination: A Link Between Heart Disease and Cancer.

Rachel's Environmental Newsletter: The Dangers of Chlorinated Water.



Philip Frazer, Is Fluoride in our Water a Mistake?

Paul Carpenter, Once Again, the Kooks Are Vanquished, 

Prominent Researcher Apologizes for Pushing Fluoride by Barry Forbes.  



George Glasser and Andreas Schuld,  Is Your Bathtub a Toxic Dump?

Antibiotics--Are You Drinking Them in YourWater? by Hardly Waite, Gazette Senior Editor.  A West Virginia High School Student made a startling discovery about our water.

Water--Are You Drinking Enough by Hardy Waite, Gazette Senior Editor.

A Prayer for Water & Children, by David James Duncan. The heart-breaking account of how our government uses water as a weapon of war.

Is Your Bathtub a Toxic Dump? by George Glasser and Andreas Schuld.  You may be surprised to learn what they put in your bathwater.


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