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Norman OK has put together a team of experts to study the presence of hexavalent Chromium (see last month's Occasional for details).

Too much water is causing water shortages in Australia.

The Wishing Well Foundation, a water charity, launched a new website.

Harrah's Casino and Racetrack has agreed to pay a $39,000 penalty for offenses related to the EPA discovery of horse manure in areas that threaten the Delaware River.

The city of Jacksonville NC is investigating the mysterious deaths of many trees in a forest near its waste water treatment plant.

Tungsten, which has previously been viewed as an inert metal of no consequence in drinking water, is being studied at Kansas State University as a toxic substance and a possible cause of childhood leukemia and other cancers. Tungsten is a naturally occurring metallic element that in its alloy or solid form is primarily used for incandescent lightbulb filaments and X-ray tubes."In an effort to limit toxins in the environment, tungsten is replacing lead in fishing weights and in ammunition for hunting and recreational shooting. The military is substituting tungsten in its high kinetic energy penetrators and small arms ammunition, as well as other ammunitions."

Researchers at the Univ. Of Colorado claim to have discovered an important low-energy way to desalinate waste water and produce hydrogen.

According to Science News, "Amoebas — blob-shaped microbes linked to several deadly diseases — contaminate drinking-water systems around the world, according to a new analysis. The study finds that amoebas are appearing often enough in water supplies and even in treated tap water to be considered a potential health risk." See the article for scary pictures.

According to the Guardian and the BBC, about half of the fish caught in the North Sea, a prime deep sea fishing area, are thrown back into the water, either because they do not meet the quotas set by Europe's common fisheries policy, or because the supermarkets don't want to buy them. Virtually all of these fish die. (Article with video.)

Beazer Homes USA, Inc., a national residential homebuilder, agreed to pay a $925,000 civil penalty to resolve alleged Clean Water Act violations at its constructions sites in 21 states. The violations involved storm water runoff.

In case you don't recognize it, this is The immortal jellyfish,   Turritopsis Nutricula. Its numbers are soaring because it does not have to die.

Researchers at the Univ. Of Colorado claim to have discovered an important low-energy way to desalinate waste water and produce hydrogen.

In Medford, OR, State health officials fined the Medford Water Commission $278,794 for discharging fish-killing levels of chlorinated water into a local creek. According to the report, "Chlorine is toxic to fish and other aquatic life, and the state Department of Environmental Quality determined the creek is mostly devoid of fish."

The Multi-Pure Corporation celebrated its 40th year in the water treatment industry. It is one of the nation's top producers of carbon block filters.

More than 2,000 residents of the northern Swedish town of Ostersund became ill from the intestinal parasite Cryptosporidium after drinking water from the city's supply.

The water in almost 15,000 D.C. Homes in the Washington DC area that received repairs during a massive effort to remove lead pipes may still be contaminated by dangerous levels of the metal, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

With Federal Funds dwindling for local water utilities Private Corporations are swooping in an attempt to privatize local water supply.

Who really owns water rights? A tough question asked by Peter Gleick. It's a question that almost everyone in the world will face.

Finally, the University of Leeds has devised a washing machine that will only use one cup of water for a load of laundry!

Corporate Polluters are left out of the Clean Water Act's reach and the pollution rates are rising.

New research shows that the amazing Prickly Pear Cactus' gum could be used for water purification. by Helen Knight

The EPA took action against an energy company in Parker County Texas whose gas drilling operations were blamed for contaminating water wells. Although numerous complaints have been made against gas well drillers, the EPA action was the first of its kind for Texas. The Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates oil and gas, portrayed the action as an unwarranted federal intrusion into the state’s business. The Texas Railroad Commission has been totally ineffective at curbing the abuses of gas drillers and has come to be regarded mainly as a state-sponsored servant of the oil and gas industry.

A pipeline rupture spilled 21,000 gallons of oil in Lockport, IL.

Men posing as water department employees stole an elderly lady's jewelry in Metrairie, LA.

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection ordered a Houston-based oil company to pay well owners $4.1 million in compensation for causing methane gas contamination to their wells.

Water sometimes does things we don't expect. See this demonstration of the "coalescence cascade." Also look at this view.

Results of a new study recently pre-published in Environmental Health Perspectives suggests that exposure to fluoride may lower children’s intelligence, according to a press release.

Angry villagers stormed a water station in Thailand demanding that sluice gates be opened to relieve their flooded villages.

Very large amounts of dry cleaning chemicals (more than 400 times accepted levels) have been found in the water of Boulder, CO. "Experts believe the chemicals, which are common but potentially dangerous industrial agents, came from a coal gasification plant that operated in the area during the early 1900s."

The immortal jellyfish, Turritopsis Nutricula, is able to revert back to juvenile form once it mates. Marine biologists say the jellyfish numbers are skyrocketing because they need not die.

Levi's has been able to dramatically reduce the water needed to produce each pair of jeans -- 28 percent on average, and as much as 96 percent in some jeans products.

In spite of the phenomenal lack of success of water privatization schemes worldwide, the World Bank continues to pour big money into corporate water grabs.

South Korean authorities announced that in addition to the mobilization of tens of thousands of policemen to secure the G20 summit, they planned to place six goldfish in the toilet water tanks in the meeting complex to ensure water purity.

Haliburton has been issued a subpoena because of its failure to provide the EPA information necessary to proceed with its study of the effects of hydraulic fracturing of gas wells on drinking water. The eight other major companies involved in "fracking" have provided the information requested.

New research indicates that even new buildings' brass plumbing components can create serious lead-in-water health problems that could go undetected.

Tree-ring research at the University of Arizona reveals that the American Southwest may be in for a "medieval drought" of alarming intensity.

Many of the delegates at the UN climate conference in Cancun, Mexico signed a petition to ban dihydrous monoxide-- a "key ingredient in climate change, acid rain and a chemical that is fatal if inhaled." (You'll have to read the brief article to learn more about deadly dihydrous monoxide.)

A study reported in Current Science indicates that fluoride can be a significant cause of anemia among pregnant women and subsequent pre-term birth. There's an excellent summary of the finding in Food Consumer.

Norman, OK was on top of the Environmental Working Group's list of cities whose tap water was found to contain chromium-6, "the Erin Brockovich chemical." Here's a full list of the cities in the report.

Broken pipes caused a painful water shortage in Northern Ireland during the last days of 2010.

The Pebble Mine project poses a threat to the pristine waters of the Bristol Bay region, and Robert Redford is pissed. See this video.

In Kenya, the poor are charged more for water than the rich, and distribution is sporadic.

As the death toll from cholera continued to grow, USA Today reported, "Haiti's cascading crises come down to lack of clean water."

In spite of a phenomenal lack of success of water privatization schemes worldwide, the World Bank continues to subsidize corporate water grabs.

The world's highest water-treatment plant begins operating officially in October 2010 in Tibet.

Dutch Scientist Says That the Depletion of Groundwater Has Doubled Since 1960.

Californians have been exposed to unacceptable nitrate levels for over 15 years.

A major pipeline break in Boston left 2,000,000 without water.

An Orange County California man faces fines and jail for removing his lawn to save water.

University research has shown that seeds from

the Moringa oleifera tree can aid in purifying water.

Giant tunnels have been proposed to take water to thirstiest regions of southern California

Now available on Pure Water Products website:  The one and only Big Bubba.

A Texas university has developed a new waste water treatment system that features bacteria found in common dirt.

US Geological Survey reports a growing number of sexless or "intersex" fish.

A Tanker Spilled 450,000 of crude oil in the Gulf off Port Arthur, Texas

200 Russians Fell Ill After Drinking Holy Water in Siberia.

Residents of Fremont, Ohio were cautioned not to give tap water to infants because of elevated nitrate levels. 

Evidence continues to mount linking gas drilling to NY drinking water problems.  

"Nitrate Contamination is Spreading in California Communities."  The poor are victimized while polluters pass the bill of cleanup to taxpayers.

Water on two Alaskan military bases declared unusable because of excessive fluoridation.

Fox News: The main source of pharmaceuticals in water is the medicated bath products that people smear on their bodies.

Despite setbacks, Nestle continues to suck small towns dry.

A new report: Drugs in Drinking Water.

Maine Study shows that drugs end up in water, even if they are properly disposed of.

NC Congressman charges that the Marine Corp falsified and failed to report hazardous benzene contamination.

How discarded food wastes trillions of gallons of water per year.

Why water pollution rates are going up and corporate polluters are getting a free pass.

A new massive floating garbage patch has been found in the North Atlantic.

NY Times reports that sewage is overwhelming US Waterways in spite of spending for upgrades.

Prickly pear cactus has great water treatment potential.

As public water systems age and maintenance funds diminish, corporations are standing in line to gobble them up.

Is Weed Killer in Drinking Water Dangerous? Govt. Is Letting the Chemical Industry Come Up with the Answer.  by Danielle Ivory.

Whose Water Is It? by Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute. 

A New Washing Machine, Invented by Leeds University, Uses as Little as One Cup of Water Per Load!

How Limousine Liberals, Water Oligarchs, and even Sean Hannity are Hijacking our Water Supply System, by Yasha Levine.

Indian cities are starting to rely on rainwater harvesting to provide clean drinking water.

A National Geographic study found lots of cocaine, spices (especially vanilla) and hormones in drinking water.

EPA Launches its "Watersense" Program to save 10,000 gallons of water per home per year. 

Strange new creatures discovered in the deep sea, "the least explored environment on Earth."

In case you haven't heard, water was found on the moon.

What's Coming from Your Tap? by Anjali Athavaley.  Wall Street Journal reports on America's drinking water.

The Poisoning of America's Waters by Mark Sircus. 

Military Waste in our Drinking Water by Sunaura Taylor and Astra Taylor.  You may be shocked at the severity of the U.S. military's war on water.

City of Del Rio Removes Fluoride From Water, by Karen Gleason.  South Texas city ceases to add  poison its drinking water.

An Environmental Disaster Emerges on Lebanon Coast by Christopher Allbritton.  Israeli bombs spill tons of heavy oil that may create havoc for decades.

Reuters Comments on World Water Shortages. Two new short Reuters pieces probe world water problems.

Military Waste in Our Drinking Water by Sunaura Taylor and Astra Taylor.  Are we being poisoned by the people we pay to protect us?

Cancer Risk Rises from Industrial Chemical TCE, by Ralph Vartabedien. Despite Administration efforts to stall cleanup efforts, it is becoming increasingly evident that TCE is causing countless health problems.

New Hampshire Town Bans Corporate Water Withdrawals by Kat Bundy. An encouraging story that proves well organized citizens don't have to bow to corporations.

Yale engineers track e Coli's "kayak paddle-like" motion of upstream swimming

72" Water Main Break in Maryland forces repair crews to use boats. 

Proving that my Mom was right after all, a new study confirms that chlorine in swimming pools contributes significantly to children's allergies.

University of Colorado research has found that bathroom shower heads can deliver "a face full of pathogens."

City water authorities are suing the makers of Atrazine.

Are Water Wells Contaminated by Drilling for  Natural Gas?  New EPA Evidence Says Yes.

The Clean Water Crisis by Chris Mayer. "In miniature,
Peru shows all the growing pains of emerging markets." The world water crisis as reflected in the microcosm of Peru.

A University of Chicago Medical Center study indicates that water can be an important treatment for pain.

Does Monochloramine Treatment Raise Lead Levels in Water?  Missouri researcher claims that this commonly used water treatment is causing lead levels to rise.

The beautiful and historic Upper Delaware River has been designated America’s most endangered river because of rampant natural gas drilling. 

Is the Texaco disaster in the Amazon even worse than what's happening in the Gulf?

The EPA estimates that up to 20 percent of human lead exposure is the result of lead in our plumbing, including faucets.  Is Your Faucet Making You Sick?

Peter Montague of Rachel's Democracy and Health News Asks: Are Children Dogs without Fur?

The Gazette's Newest Hero Award:  Hugh Thompson. Ostracized by the military for years, Hugh Thompson is now honored as a hero because of his courageous nonconformity in Viet Nam.

Junk Food Nation by Gary Ruskin and Juliet Schor. "Protecting the profits of Big Food is a powerful example of the decline of democracy in this country."

Woodie Guthrie by Steve Earle. "Woody was born in one of the most desolate places in America, just in time to come of age in the worst period in our history."

Nanotechnology and the Precautionary Principle by Peter Montague. A close look at technology that will likely change our world.

The Man Who Cried "The Empress Is Naked" by Guenady.  A moving tribute to one of the worlds great scholars and crusaders, 91-year-old Hans Reusch.


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