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These are not reciprocal or "traded" links, but rather sites and printed resources that we have carefully selected to recommend to our readers. They are arranged alphabetically by subject.


The "Rethinking AIDS" WebSite: . A wealth of information about the great "AIDS" promotion. Contains many solid articles by top thinkers in the field, plus links to a vast amount of related information. An extremely rewarding site to visit.

Dr. Peter Duesberg's Page. Since the early days of "AIDS,"  Dr. Duesberg of the University of California has maintained his beliefs and his integrity in spite of massive pressure from the Science establishment. His page features his writings and selected pieces from other top scientists who have not caved in to the "AIDS" promotion.

Stephen Davis' outstanding  AIDSGATE site offers a step-by-step walkthrough of "AIDS."  How it started, what it is, where it's headed. Well written, interesting reading.  This site is no longer available from its original web location but its content is offered here thanks to Bruce Berg of the University of North Texas.

One of the most informative "AIDS" sites you'll find is Christine Maggiore's , an upbeat site for survivors. So interesting you can't stop reading . 

For the very interesting and unique "AIDS" theories of  the author of The Body's Many Cries for Water, go to and choose the "AIDS Discovery" link.


There's a great holistic dentist's site at  Lots of stuff you should read before you have a root canal.


The premier newsletter for environmental issues is Rachel's Environmental and Health News.  It's a free publication, and you can sign on for current mailings and search the great treasury of information in its back issues at



A great site for fluoridation information is the Fluoride Issues website at

For a fascinating series of articles on the origins and development of fluoridation, go to and follow the links.

A fact-filled site with many interesting pictures and articles is that of the National Pure Water Association Ltd.  It's at


General Health

A great site with many fascinating studies linking dehydration to human illness is Dr. Batmanghelidj's Global Health Solutions site at

The website of the Organic Consumers Association is packed with good information about what's going on the in treacherous world of agriculture. It's at

The website of the famous Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients is at  Much information.

Read what government and milk industry brochures don't tell you about dairy products at the very readable



A really attractive and interesting site with a wealth of information is the Teeter Creek Herbs Site from the Ozarks. A very friendly place to learn about--and buy--herbal products.   It's at

Another attractive and informative herb and general health site is the Olde Thyme Herb Shoppe site at  Take a look.



There's an excellent collection of vaccination data at the site of the Australian Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research:

Outstanding vaccination researcher Barbara Loe Fisher is Founder of the National Vaccine Information Center. Click here  to visit their information-packed site.

Gary Null's website at has an excellent vaccination section.  In particular, see Denver physician Dr. Philip F. Incao's clear and insightful explanation of the dual phases of the immune system and why vaccinations aren't for everyone. Dr. Incao's article is here.

Was polio a contagious disease or the result of pesticide poisoning?  Visit the Images of Poliomyelitis website at for a fascinating view of how professional science operates.

Australian vaccine researcher Ian Sinclair has a very valuable site with many original articles at



General Interest


A great current political events site is  It updates every day with links to the latest news articles around the world.

Just a fascinating site with lots of articles by young people.  It will give you hope!  Look at and read some articles.  I recommend Irene.

The McLibel Website Reviews the longest trial in British history and helps you keep an eye on the doings of one of the world's largest and nastiest multinationals.

Orion is a superb magazine.  It's always current and always on the mark.  Read it online at subscribe from the website to the paper edition.

Jim Hightower, America's leading populist: Rich in articles in both text and Real Player format. A great place to browse--definitely  better than the evening newspaper.

A  wealth of information on a single attractive, well-organized site is at   You can find an article about almost anything you want to know.  

The Fellowship of Reconciliation has been a strong, steady voice in the cause of justice, peace, and non-violence over the decades. Its website is packed with rather startling information you won't find in the daily newspaper:

Decade after decade, the calm but firm voice of the American Friends Service Committee has promoted peace, justice and non-violence. The is the Gazette's own personal "favorite charity."  Visit their information-packed site at

Tens of thousands of pages of chemical industry secret documents, as revealing as the "tobacco papers," are now up for public viewing at  

The Green Party can be located at   and the Texas Green Party at   

A very good general news site for current events with a British flavor is the Guardian Unlimited at

Denton City Councilman Mike Cochran's archive contains much interesting information:

The World's Greatest $77 Water Filter.

Like to know the records of the health charities on funding animal research? (You probably would never donate to the March of Dimes if you knew of the cruel practices your money buys.) Check out your favorite charity at

And the greatest collection of articles anywhere is at Z Net at 

Like to know how corporations get  "scientific" validation for their products and services?  Visit the fascinating Integrity in Science website at is the home site of the Simple Living News.  You can read online and subscribe to their free online newsletter.  Lots of information that Americans need.

Like to know how your home rates on the Environmental Defense Fund's pollution index?  Go to

To email or fax your congressperson,  go to  http//

Need a Zip Code? Go to

To write a letter to the Governor of Texas (tell him you're against capital punishment):

The best source of news about Denton's environmental issues is the Citizens for Healthy Growth website at

A wealth of information about economics and current issues--an attractive and very readable site:  http://www.

You can sign on to the Pure Water Gazette's free email newsletter at


The "War on Terrorism"

Probably you are aware that standard U.S. news sources are highly sanitized for American viewing.  Here are a few sites that will give you a much better picture of what's really going on than you'll get from CNN. 


FROM THE ISLAMIC WORLD: (listed in alphabetical order) Numerous links and Afghan news. English-language weekly version of Al-Ahram, venerable Cairo newspaper. English language newspaper from Qatar. Bear in mind that Qatar is a monarchy with no constitution, no political parties, no opposition, no freedom of speech or assembly, and no free press. In Western terms, this represents the "moderate" Islamic viewpoint. The Islamic Republic News Association; based in Teheran, but with pan-Islamic news from what tends to be a fundamentalist viewpoint. Invaluable English-language version of Pakistan's Daily Jang newspaper. Online Afghanistan weekly, available in multiple languages. Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. You've heard about the plight of Afghanistan's women. Here's information both on that and on what they want, and they're not too pleased with the Taliban or the Northern Alliance or the United States. Some people can be so hard to please...


FROM THE UNITED STATES AND EUROPE: The very best in antiwar information.  News you won't see on TV. Extensive and excellent news on the Middle East. Scores of links to sites on Afghanistan, and similar lists for other countries in the region. Among Western, English language media, this British daily has simply had the best reporting from the Middle East and Central, South and Southwest Asia since the Sept. 11 attacks. Far more probing than its U.S. counterparts. The Independent and the London Observer have also been good. Institute for War and Peace Reporting, a British outfit that ranges from the Balkans throughout Asia, but which is especially valuable for the former Soviet republics; has frequent reports from contributors on the ground in northern Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and elsewhere in Central Asia. Oxfam's London-based site is doing an excellent job of tracking the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan. Doctors Without Borders has had good material, too.


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