The Pure Water Gazette's Modern Hero Award

Heroes are always the best, you see
Jerks you can find any day.

From an Old Jimmy Rodgers song (the way he should have written it).

The Gazette from time to time, as the need arises, salutes a modern-day hero--someone who really deserves recognition. Readers are encouraged to recommend recipients by emailing details to

We abandoned our original plan to have both a hero and a jerk award. Jerks are too easy to find. It wasn't any fun.

We also abandoned our original plan to give a $1 million prize to Hero Award recipients because we felt the money would cheapen the award ("Do it for the glory"--that's the Gazette's motto) and perhaps even cause some really bad and greedy people to go around doing a lot of good stuff just to get the prize.


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You'll note that few of our winners are political figures. As Gazette columnist Tiger Tom often says, "It is far easier for a rich man riding a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a politician to win the Gazette's hero award."



Hero Award Recipients

Jim McCloskey

Malcolm Walker

Pat Roy Mooney

Ben T. Quisenberry

John Withee

President Thabo Mbeki

David McTaggart

Bud Welch

Senator Wayne Morse

Hugh Thompson

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