Would You Buy a Used Car from This Man?

by Hardly Waite

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The "Defense" Department has been having a hard time of late deciding if it will lie officially or continue to lie unofficially while denying that it is lying.  There has been conjecture about whether the Pentagon is not telling the truth when it says it always tells the truth or if it is telling the truth when it says that it sometimes does not tell the truth.  Or if it is lying about sometimes telling the truth or if it is telling the truth about sometimes lying.

Here's a piece from a Feb. 25, 2002  AlterNet article by David Turnley:

Last week, news accounts revealed the recent formation of the Office of Strategic Influence (OSI), a government agency designed to unite various propaganda programs within the CIA, FBI

 and Department of Defense. The most controversial function of OSI is a policy to influence opinion in both friendly and unfriendly nations by distributing deliberately misleading information to foreign news outlets.

In what appears to be the result of the first activity by OSI, numerous news outlets -- in both friendly and unfriendly nations -- reported Monday that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is now mulling the possibility of disbanding the brand new office because of negative publicity. On NBC, Rumsfeld went so far as to insist that, "The Pentagon does not lie to the American people. It does not lie to foreign audiences." (His tanned, chiseled face then broke down in a fit of laughter before he insisted on "buying the next round.")


Would You Buy A Used Car from This Man?


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