Hardly Waite's Classy Quotes

These contemporary gems of wisdom chosen by the Gazette's Senior Editor prove that all the good stuff hasn't already been said by guys wearing wigs. 


These quotes are about food production. 


"Corn diversity is essential to the future of our agricultural systems. Jack Harlan, the famous botanist, has noted that genetic diversity 'stands between us and catastrophic starvation on a scale we cannot imagine." Press Release by Greenpeace Mexico 9/1/01

"We have to get away from the romantic anachronism that developing countries should strive for self-sufficiency in food." John Block, former US Secretary of Agriculture, 1986

"For people who want to buy corn, there really isn't much choice but to come to us." Bob Kohlmeyer, Cargill Corporation, Des Moines Register 11/15/00

"We have a saying in our company. Our competitors are our friends. Our customers are the enemy." James Randall, Archer Daniels Midland Corporation, quoted in Fortune magazine 4/26/99

"Outside of a dog, a countertop water filter is man's best friend.  Inside of a dog, it's too dark to drink water."--Groucho Marx.

Model 77--"The World's Greatest $77 Water Filter."

"Farmers don't like to hear that we're essentially a ward of the government, that we're on a workfare program," Alan Libbra, Illinois farmer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12/5/01

"Regardless of what the biotechnology industry wants us to believe, agricultural genetic engineering is an imprecise science. it relies on methods that include the haphazard insertion of genetic elements into a plant's genome. This in turn may result in the disruption of complex gene interactions and may lead to potentially catastrophic results." Dr. Michael Hansen & Ellen Hickey, Global Pesticide Campaigner, April 2000

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