Hardly Waite's Quick Take Collection


The Gazette's Senior Editor Cherishes Brevity. Here's His Collection of Articles that Don't Fool Around.  They Say It Fast and Shut Up.


Lo bueno si breve dos veces bueno. -- A Spanish proverb that means that what is good is twice as good if it's brief.


America's Greatest Scandals by Gazette Senior Editor Hardly Waite.  From the Yazoo Land Scandal to Enron.

Stop Terrorism. Legalize Drugs by James W. Harris.

"Outside of a dog, a countertop waterfilter is man's best friend.  Inside of a dog, it's too dark to drink water."--Groucho Marx.

Model 77--"The World's Greatest $77 Water Filter."

Water--Are You Drinking Enough? by Hardly Waite.

Who's Who by Who Knows

Pesticides in the Food We Consume by Hardly Waite.

Why the War Against Pot by Hardly Waite.

The Press: Intellectual Prostitutes by Hardly Waite.

Water and Metabolism.

Classy Quotes of Our Time: Farm Policy by Hardly Waite.

The Cruelty of Time by Hardly Waite.

Face Recognition Technology Is Just Window Dressing by Hardly Waite.

War Is Just a Racket by General Smedley Butler, U. S. Marine Corps.

Thimerosal and Autism by Hardly Waite.

Finally, Some Good News. TV Slips in the Ratings by Hardly Waite.

Americans Are Now Brain Dead. Pull the Plug by Hardly Waite.

Donald Rumsfeld: A Man of Constant Sorrow by Hardly Waite.

The War on Common Sense Goes On by Hardly Waite.

Lesson from an Old Woman by Hardly Waite.

Would You Buy a Used Car from This Man? by Hardly Waite.

Doomsday Clock Creeps Forward by Robert E. Pierre.

Science Marches On:  ICD+, the Very Latest in Vacuous Nonsense, by  Hardly Waite.

Bush Announces "Ultimate Weapon" in War on Evil Doers by Hardly Waite. The President's plan to undersize their threatability.

Humming is good for you.

Beware of Mom

What He Said by Hardly Waite. The President's very words.

You Owe Us An Apology by Hardly Waite.  You who voted for George W. Bush owe the world and apology.

Our Congressman, Dr. Burgess, Sent Us an Email  by Hardly Waite.  Dr. Burgess is totally full of shit.




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